Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Good Citizen

Good Citizen 2014
Each year at my kids' elementary school one student from each classroom is awarded the "Good Citizen" Award.  This year it went to our daughter.  She had to prove herself throughout the entire school year.  Not only being a good classroom citizen, but modeling that citizenship for other students.

Last week I received the following, very touching, email from her teacher:

          "I wanted to let you that just prior to our last IEP meeting for Audrey last month, I had told the other therapist that Audrey was doing so well, that she was at the top of the list for receiving the citizenship award because of her accomplishments. 

          Although I usually struggle with this award, Audrey stands out as the best receiver of it.  This year, Audrey will be receiving my class' citizenship award.  Again, she has come so far in many areas this year, is academically gifted, and has soared on the social side as well. There is no doubt that every single student has respect for Audrey, and it is very clear that she had to earn their respect on her own. In addition, she is a good citizen despite her personal challenges and NEVER breaks the rules.  She has learned to help others, respect them, and encourages good behavior as well.  Thank you so much for the opportunity to allow me to have Audrey this year.  She is amazing and I have no doubt that she will continue to succeed.

          She is also so very lucky to have parents like you and your husband.  Please accept this award for yourselves as well because she could not be a good citizen without your support. THANK YOU for all you have done for your child."

While we knew upon attending the awards ceremony, Audrey did not know she'd be receiving this award. We were beaming and when her name was called I watched her head pop up in surprise.  I wish I could have seen the surprise on her face as well.  

We are so proud of you, Boo.  You have come so far this year and we have no doubt you're going farther than we can imagine.  Remember, you have it in you to continue this success.  Always be proud of your accomplishments and know it's your hard work and good character that got you there!  We love you!

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